Three Bags Full

60 Nicholson Street
Abbotsford, VIC 3067
(03) 9421 2732

I can never resist the opportunity to track down a great brunch spot. Nothing beats sauntering down to your local breakfast haunt on a lazy Sunday morning (or any other day really, I don’t discriminate), perusing the paper at your own pace and revelling in the sizzle of bacon and eggs.

So the other day when my best friend, and fellow brunch-devotee, Christina mentioned that she was on an excruciatingly long break between classes and in the mood for a mid-morning pick-me-up, I couldn’t say no. We jumped into the car not knowing where we would end up. I rattled off some ideas I had in mind, but we eventually settled on Three Bags Full, which I had never been to but C was keen on revisiting. With breakfast available all day, it was on like Donkey Kong.

Even after circling the café like vultures trying to find parking (some questionable U-turns and confusing one-way streets were involved), we came up empty-handed and resorted to parking at Safeway down the road. I hate being cheated out of free parking (who pays three bucks an hour to park at Woolies?), but I kept telling myself it had to be worth the wait, given how busy it was.

The ex-industrial building turned café was abuzz with activity upon arrival. C and I were seated at a communal table, which we didn’t mind, but we would have preferred a table to ourselves. The warm timber furnishings, distressed brick walls, hanging lights and floral arrangements gave the place a contemporary but homey feel, which I loved.

I’ll admit that I’m not much of a coffee person, so I had a chai latte to start with (4.0). It was more spiced than I would have liked, but still pleasant on the palate. C forwent her usual skinny latte and decided instead on a freshly squeezed juice of carrot, beetroot, celery, lemon and ginger (6.0). The ginger hit afterwards gave it some zing, however, the flavour of the other ingredients was lost overall.

Freshly squeezed carrot, beetroot, celery, lemon and ginger juice (6.0), chai latte (4.0)

As always, I ummed and ahhed over whether to go with something sweet or savoury. The woman sitting opposite kindly offered us some of her French toast, when we not so subtly stared at it in envy. It was a spectacular mountain of crème patissiere, stewed rhubarb and almonds and looked so good, I very nearly said yes.

But my savoury taste buds ultimately got the better of me, so I settled on the Veggie Breakfast; eggs any way you like (I had mine poached), roasted tomatoes, wilted spinach, avocado, sautéed mushrooms, relish and toast (17.5). The mushrooms were earthy and flavoursome, the eggs were lovely and gooey and the relish packed a punch. I’m not too sure what was up with the slab of avocado, though; it was like whoever plated up never thought to slice it or make it more presentable. The avocado was the only issue I had. In spite of opting for the vegetarian take on the big breakfast, it was quite the hearty dish.

Veggie Breakfast: eggs, roasted tomatoes, spinach, avocado, sauteed mushrooms, relish and toast (17.5)

C ordered the smashed avocado with Persian feta, pepitas and olive oil with a poached egg on the side (16.5). It was all I could do not to sneak in a bite when she wasn’t looking.

Smashed avocado with Persian feta, pepitas and olive oil, poached egg on the side (16.5)

On the whole, we were pretty happy with the café experience Three Bags Full had to offer. The staff were friendly and attentive, the atmosphere lively and inviting and the décor a nice touch. I’d be more than happy to return and chow my way through their well-rounded menu – especially since that French toast masterpiece has played a recurring role in my dreams as of late.

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