Trunk Diner

275 Exhibition Street
Melbourne CBD, VIC 3000
(03) 9663 7994

I seem to have picked up a few (potentially infuriating) habits since I started blogging. For instance, I am now the friend that will make you wait that extra excruciating minute for your food while I snap photos of said food from every angle humanly possible. Even when your insides are howling at you in protest, I will swat your hand away and say, “just one more shot!” Yeah, I’m that friend. Apologies in advance to all future dining companions.

Lucky for me, fellow foodie G has proved to be immune to all such exasperating mannerisms. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, we trekked into the city for lunch on Saturday afternoon. Even for the directionally challenged like us, Trunk is pretty easy to find. It’s a short walk from Melbourne Central or Parliament station, a couple of doors down from Miss Chu.

I gotta say, the service was a little lax that day. After hovering awkwardly around the doorway to the diner waiting for someone to guide us to a table, we ended up taking ourselves to a seat towards the rear. We had to ask for a menu when we weren’t given one AND our waiter forgot to come back and take our order. He did apologise profusely, though, so all was forgiven.

Trunk’s diner menu is simple but a definite crowd-pleaser. You can expect everything from buttermilk fried chicken and home style potato salad to hot dogs with all the trimmings and everything in between. Trunk Restaurant & Bar is open from 12 on weekdays and 3 on weekends if you’re after something a little more upscale.

G and I could tell we were in for a calorie overload of a day as soon we zeroed in on the mega milkshakes (8.0 each). I’ve been obsessed with Golden Gaytimes ever since I saw Christine Manfield’s version on the MasterChef finale earlier this year, so the Golden Gaytime in milkshake form was a no-brainer. Our waiter even applauded our choice of beverage. We also gave the Tim Tam Slam a go, because resistance was futile. Calories, schmalories. They were totally worth it. 😉

Tim Tam Slam (8.0), Golden Gaytime (8.0)

What better to go with a milkshake than a burger? The Burger, to be precise – 175g of freshly ground Wagyu beef patty on grilled brioche, with baby cos lettuce, sliced tomato, Spanish onions and house made pickles (10.0). The name itself is pretty ominous-sounding. There I was jiggling in my seat envisaging this epic burger and…out came its mini-me edition. My initial thought was: Hold up. I’m paying $10 for this?! I cooled my jets and dialled back on the scepticism. It was a Wagyu beef burger, after all. And once I pieced together the deconstructed ingredients, it didn’t look half bad. It didn’t taste half bad, either. The meat was juicy and pink at the centre, the cheese was oozy and, paired with the rest of the provided accompaniments, made for a ripper burger.

The Burger (10.0) + cheddar (1.5), large fries (6.0)

The fries were a welcome sight in my state of post-burger shock, but they were super salty. We had to douse them in the condiments on hand, which packed a punch, even in small doses. I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to the spicy stuff.

G went with one of the quesadillas on offer, filled with shredded poached chicken, cheddar, roasted red peppers, tomato, coriander, spring onion and salsa picante verde (10.0). The salsa had my eyes watering after a bit, and while those impervious to habanero chilies might think otherwise, it was one of the more dominating flavours of the dish.

Shredded poached chicken, cheddar, roasted red peppers, tomato, coriander, spring onion and salsa picante verde quesadillas (10.0)

We slurped down the dregs of our milkshakes and decided to call it a day. Even though first impressions weren’t stellar, flavour and fun came through and won us over in the end. For diner classics with a modern twist, head on down to T-Town . 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Trunk Diner

  1. Thanks for doing a review 🙂 I drive past here all the time and have been interested in trying it out but not sure if it was worth it but thanks to your review 🙂 now i know what to order and I definitely want to try those MILKSHAKES hehe ~

    Don’t worry your friends and family will get use to it soon ~ When I first started my friends thought it was freaking annoying…but now they’re kinda use to it and will even ask if I need to take photos of the food first hahahaa

  2. Haha I am TOTALLY that friend too.

    Don’t worry, I got all sort of weird looks from people who I dine with for the first time. They then turn to snide comments and eye-rolls but they’re used to it now 🙂

    I love Trunk diner for their breakfasts and their burgers are alright too! I would love to try the Golden Gaytime shake next time though!

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